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How to Use Red Light Therapy for Sleep? Help You Sleep Well

Published by RedDot 2021-08-23

Nowadays, sleep problems are very common among adults. Especially the lack of sunshine in winter, combined with artificial indoor lighting and blue light from the screens of smart phones, computers, will affect our circadian rhythm, which will affect our energy, mood and sleep.


You may have realized the health risks associated with chronic sleep problems. But many people don't realize that red light plays a vital role in our sleep cycle.


Benefits of red light therapy include (but are not limited to):

  1. Anti-aging (reduce skin wrinkles and fine lines)
  2. Skin improvement (psoriasis, acne, skin color)
  3. Wounds and wounds heal faster
  4. Treat hair loss and promote hair growth
  5. Alleviate the symptoms of depression


In addition to the obvious physical benefits, do you know that red light therapy can also help you improve your sleep quality and work efficiency?

red light therapy for sleep

Scientific research on red light therapy

There are many clinical studies on the effect of red light therapy for sleep. For example, a study shows that migraine sufferers have much less headache and sleep problems.


Another study showed that short-term exposure to red and near-infrared light before sleep increased melatonin levels of participants in the study.


Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate our sleep cycle. In fact, it is generally recommended to try to combine natural melatonin supplement with red light therapy to treat insomnia and other diseases.

how does red light therapy work

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy equipment can emit red light at 660nm and infrared light at 850nm. Research shows how red light therapy can help you recover circadian rhythm and get more sleep.


Red light therapy is also called photobiological regulation, and its function is opposite to strong light. Red light therapy is designed to imitate the red light frequency of sunset.


The red light tells the body to produce and release melatonin, and sends a signal to the body, telling us that it is time for our body to sleep, and our body starts to produce melatonin, which can help you fall asleep.


 As we all know, blue light is bad for sleep quality. Surrounded by blue light at night will keep you awake and awake, but using red light can help you fall asleep.


Real Sleep Patient Use Red Light Therapy Review

"When my husband was sleeping, I used it many times by the bed. The advantage of NIR is that they are invisible, while red light can promote sleep.


Since using this red light therapy device, I have found that I sleep longer and healthier. I turn on the red and infrared switches at the same time, and I have physical therapy for 20 to 30 minutes every day, at least 4 times a week. "

how to use red light therapy for sleep

 How to use red light therapy device to improve your sleep quality? 

For those seeking to improve sleep or efficiency, you can use red light therapy at home.  

There are some devices that can be used in home, which can be used for various specific purposes related to red light therapy. You can learn more about how to use red light therapy device at home.


1. Distance: irradiate the body with 5 to 30 cm light.

2. Treatment time: Expose each area for 10–20 minutes according to the distance.

3. Repeat in other regions if necessary.

4. Frequency: at least 4 times a week until the effect is felt.

5. Keep: continue to use it several times a week.

6.Light Area: Led Light can be applied to any area of the body except eyes.

red light therapy device

Questions about using red light therapy devices

However, replacing conventional bulbs with red bulbs does not help much. Special red light therapy  devices emit red light with specific wavelengths, which are easily absorbed by human body-these devices will provide you with results.


One exposure time of 15-30 minutes is enough, and the time depends on the type of device you use. For example, the treatment period in red light therapy device should not exceed 20 minutes.


If you think the light is affecting your sleep style, consider getting the wrong light position at the wrong time. Small changes such as reading in bed instead of reading or playing games on mobile phones can reduce blue light exposure at night.


 Does red light therapy have side effects? 

In a large number of clinical studies, red and near infrared light therapy have been proved to be a safe, natural and non-invasive treatment. Patients suffer less pain and inflammation. All drugs obtained through prescription painkillers and invasive therapy have no side effects and serious health risks.


Should I wear goggles during treatment?

Yes, you must protect your eyes. when you use red light therapy for sleep. Your device comes with goggles. We recommend that customers wear goggles before treatment. However, if you are using red light therapy, just close your eyes and find the right distance to start the treatment. (red light only)

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